Sunday, April 22, 2007

St. Katharine's Dock and Wapping

After a trip to Borough Market (South Bank) for lunch yesterday, where I scored a hunk of parmesan and a jar of chipotle chiles (yes!), we took the bus across Tower Bridge and visited St. Katharine's Dock. This is a semi-suburban-style enclave (with a harbor of sailboats) located right across the street from the Tower of London. Bizarre. You'd never know it was there. The top picture shows what it looks like. Heading further east, along the riverbank, we come to Wapping, which is even more residential (like Battery Park City, unfortunately). The picture above shows some new glass construction, but there are also lots of warehouse conversions. It was hard to tell while walking down Wapping High Street just what these apartments would look like inside. We're considering these two areas, especially because Dan could take a boat to work, but I found Wapping a bit too calm. No Starbucks nearby!

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