Wednesday, June 6, 2007

On Paying Attention, Pun Intended

So I thought I had been looking carefully at everything, gleaning information. I watch the TV commercials to discover how to live (and now I know that I need limescale remover for the dishwasher). I read all the subways ads as I go up and down the tube escalators (and discovered that dancer Savion Glover is in town next weekend, and I got tickets, something I never managed to do in New York before he sold out). But I had not been looking closely at the money. Until Dan pointed out that the pound coins have different inscriptions running around their edges. My favorite one is NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT (no one provokes me with impunity).


Dan said...

That's what life without TiVo has done to us. Reduced us to watching commercials and reading the edges of coins for entertainment. Yes, imagine Tara and me after work, home from the pub, putting on our flannels, arranging ourselves precariously on, or between, the cushions of the sickly green sofa, and proceeding with activities that enhance kinship with our hosts: trying to live with made-up memories of damp nights before global warming kicked in; atmospheric air-raid evenings spent in the Tube during the War, easily evoked by the suffering crowds that still swarm through the stations; and eating "rabbit terrine," imagining the mystery meats served during the various privations Londoners have had to deal with.

But, then, Whole Foods just opened up next door, so we realize America has saved England before, and will save her again. Hooray!!! TiVo-like Sky+ coming soon into our lives, so no need to worry about us.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed Dan's June 6th comment earlier. Terrific, Dan.
I think you've really captured the London ethos. billy