Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Postcards from Cornwall

Ruins of Tintagel Castle, supposed birthplace of King Arthur. Worth a visit even if you have no interest in Arthurian legends because of the dramatic location on the coast. Seeing the ruins on a stormy day, as we did, with the green and blue ocean rolling in and out of caves underneath (one of which is supposedly Merlin's cave) made me want to read The Once and Future King once again.

Bags of shells for sale in Mousehole, with a rain-stained sign on the door asking buyers to drop a pound through the slit. This little town is where we started our walk along part of the Coastal Path (which, for heartier souls, runs all around the Cornwall coast). We walked for only a couple of miles on it, from Mousehole to Lamorna Cove, where there is nothing but a cafe (for which we were grateful). Here's what the walk (hike) looked like:

And this is Padstow, where the main attraction is, as far as I can tell, the collection of Rick Stein restaurants. We had lunch at his fish and chips place, and it was pretty much the best, fresh-out-of-the-fryer fish I've had here. (The secret is probably the deep frying in beef drippings, which fact is posted on the menus to warn vegetarians. I had to relax my no-beef rule in order to partake.)

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