Monday, January 19, 2009

Restaurant Recommendation: Canteen

With no reservations, in the pouring rain on Saturday night, after another enjoyable, intellectually stimulating show at the National Theatre, we ducked into Canteen, to give it a try. There are a few locations of this restaurant around London, and I actually thought it was the same as the one in New York, but it’s not. The emphasis here is on British food, “nationally sourced, skilfully prepared and reasonably priced,” according to its website.
      I was pleasantly surprised, first of all with a pint of prawns, each one short and sweet:
We quickly moved on to smoked haddock with mash and spinach and a curry vegetable pot pie. All perfectly delicious, with the greens on both plates being especially memorable.

Dessert was a chunk of gingerbread over marinated pears, which was fine, but not really my style, and I ate my portion of it really fast because they were turning off the lights in the restaurant (it closes at 11:00).
      Service was very friendly and efficient (perhaps because they wanted us to get out, though no one ever said that). The space was warm and welcoming, with low lights and bare wooden tables. Prices were reasonable. There was a long list of good wines by the glass, which I always appreciate. And it is conveniently located if you're going to the National Theatre.

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