Friday, May 8, 2009

Neighborhood Find: Blue

Last week I was browsing around Flickr and discovered that another tenant in our building had posted thousands of pictures (8,000) of things in our neighborhood, of signs and buildings, of water mains being replaced, of sidewalks and stores, of cars sitting in our garage, of all sorts of things that I never thought to look at twice. It was eye-opening. For a couple of days after discovering this trove, I wandered around looking at everything as pieces of a larger composition. Each detail became interesting (I am already inclined to value fragments over the whole anyway), and I noticed that a lot of blue gets used in our neighborhood—for signs and architectural trim, for garbage cans (rubbish bins) and advertisements—and inspired by my neighbor on Flickr, I took some pictures. Blue is, apparently, the world’s favorite color, and these splashes of it in Bermondsey are good against the gray stones and skies.

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