Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Midweek Summer Recipe

I love the restaurant Moro. I love this Moro cookbook (and they have more). And I love this Moro recipe for pea soup. Perfect for a summer evening—even in London, where I still have to wear my sweater when dining al fresco.

And all the ingredients are easy to find, which is nice. Because I recently failed to locate a couple of food items that I never expected would be so elusive: yellow summer squash (for a squash soufflé) and hard peppermint candy (just because I had a craving). Probably both of these things go by another name here.


Sharon said...

I could send you some peppermint candy, but the squash just wouldn't make it! All the summer vegetables and fruit are plentiful these days Mom

Tara said...

Thanks, but Dan stuffed his pockets with free peppermints from the airport lounge in NYC and brought those home for me!